He who binds to himself a joyDoes the winged life destroyHe who kisses the joy as it fliesLives in eternity’s sunrise Eternity – William Blake   Related pages:

Lux aeterna

“Einstein had a thought experiment where he imagined running along and sort of jumping onto a moving quantum of light. But from the point of view of the moving photon or quantum of light no time elapses – it leaves the Sun and eight minutes later the quantum of light can act on something here […]

Eye drops

I see the cloudy fog of māyā.It is clear my seeing is not clear,that I must real-ise the higher,unify the seen and the seer. Outer sight comes from the eyes straining,and can be soothed with eye drops.Insight from the inner eye’s training,will only come when ego “I” drops. Related page:


The heiligenschein  is a common optical phenomenon in which a bright spot appears around the shadow of the viewer’s head in the presence of dew.  Nearly spherical dew droplets act as lenses to focus the light onto the surface behind them. When this light scatters or reflects off that surface, the same lens re-focuses that […]

Arc-en-ciel – a celestial archon

Some illusions are beautiful In Gnostic religious traditions, the term archons refers to supernatural beings, considered to be responsible for the creation of the physical world. Differentiated existence is created when a Divine Unity emanates from itself paired opposites. From the symbolic intercourse of these paired opposites is born what we call “physical” worlds as […]

Light and consciousness

  We never see light itself. The light that strikes the eye is known only through the energy it releases. This energy is translated into a visual image in the mind. Although the image appears to be composed of light, the light we see is a quality appearing in consciousness. What light actually is, we […]

Lightning flash creation

Source In nature, the polarity between positive and negative forces creates electricity, and it does the same here. This lightning flash is one of divine energy sent down to earth. It creates the path of enlightenment. It can also be thought of as the path from creative energy to manifestation in art. The Pillars & […]

Indra’s net

Indra’s net Indra’s Jewel Net, or the Jewel Net of Indra, is a much-loved metaphor of Mahayana Buddhism. It illustrates the interpenetration, inter-causality, and interbeing of all things. In the realm of the god Indra is a vast net that stretches infinitely in all directions. In each “eye” of the net is a single brilliant, […]