You can listen directly from this website, or download the mp3 files. Many of the files are available elsewhere, but here you can download a selection in one go.

I listen to downloaded files on my Android phone, using these apps:

Simple Audiobook Player   Clear, easy to use, controls.

Podcast Addict. As well as providing externally sourced podcasts, the mp3s on my phone can be treated as virtual podcasts.

The app keeps a record of what I have listened to, and where I left off last time I was listening, and which mp3s have been played to the end.

mAbook also allows me to return to the place I got to when I was last listening, and is easier to use.

You can listen to the mp3s using the audio player on this site, but it may take a minute or two to load.

I am putting new audio on OneDrive, and you can listen directly from there.

A rule of thumb: a 60MB file takes 1 hour to listen to.