Audio files for audiophiles.


I have made a collection of audio files because I don’t have time to watch videos.


There are plenty of videos available on the internet, but

⭔ some you can’t download them without paying,

⭔ the visual content can be distracting,

⭔ downloading a video uses a lot of your data allowance if you have a mobile contract,

⭔ you can’t listen whilst doing other things.


There are wonderful audiobooks from Audible, but

⭔ you can only continue to keep them if you pay a subscription,

⭔ if want to read what you have listened to you have to pay Amazon again for the Kindle version.


Librivox has a vast collection of audiobooks, but mainly old texts that are out of copyright.


You will find enough audio on my Onedrive to keep your ears happy for years.

I am putting all new files on OneDrive.