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The heiligenschein  is a common optical phenomenon in which a bright spot appears around the shadow of the viewer’s head in the presence of dew. 

Nearly spherical dew droplets act as lenses to focus the light onto the surface behind them. When this light scatters or reflects off that surface, the same lens re-focuses that light into the direction from which it came.

A more intense, and coloured, light can sometimes be seen around the shadow of the observer, and is then called a Gloryhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glory_(optical_phenomenon)

From Middle English glory, glorie, from Old French glorie (“glory”), from Latin glōria (“glory, fame, renown, praise, ambition, boasting”).


The value of this as a metaphor is that what seems like personal glory surrounding myself is actually an illusion caused by reflection of the rays of the spiritual sun.