Harmony of opposites

“The Great Tao flows everywhere,to the left and to the right,all things depend on it to exist,and it does not abandon them.to its accomplishments it lays no claims.It loves and nourished all things,but does not lord it over them.” Related pages:

Circles of shells and circles of hell

  Electron shells in the Rutherford-Bohr model Source The electron configuration of the known elements is represented using seven main electron shells, each of which is represented by a concentric circle with the nucleus at its centre, as shown below. The shells are designated as quantum numbers n=1 to n=7, with n=1 being the shell […]

Circles within circles

Spirographics   The original US-released Spirograph consisted of two differently sized plastic rings (or stators), with gear teeth on both the inside and outside of their circumferences. Once either of these rings were held in place (either by pins, with an adhesive, or by hand) any of several provided gearwheels (or rotors)—each having holes for […]

Arc-en-ciel – a celestial archon

Some illusions are beautiful In Gnostic religious traditions, the term archons refers to supernatural beings, considered to be responsible for the creation of the physical world. Differentiated existence is created when a Divine Unity emanates from itself paired opposites. From the symbolic intercourse of these paired opposites is born what we call “physical” worlds as […]


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