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Delight Matrix (Honey Comb)


(Health, Stability)

Lower Vital
(Comfort, Sensory enjoyment)

Central Vital

Higher Vital
(Care, giving)

Physical Mind
(Precision, Usefulness)

Vital Mind
(Newness, Fluidity)

Pure Mind
(Clarity, Synthesis)

(Silence, Peace, Presence)

(Relating to body, habits)

Lightness,  flexibility and health in body

Sensory awareness and joy during exercising or routine tasks

Resilience in the body to deal with challenging conditions

Loving and caring to body

Precise awareness of body’s health / functioning

Seeing in the mind, the body with fullest capacities and health

Clarified ideology for body’s wellness, health and development

Conscious ‘prana’ in every pore of body, that is aligned and proportional










Lower Vital
(Relating to senses)

Calmness and relaxedness in nerves

Sensory joy, nourishment and pleasure

Enjoying sensory intensity

Caring for one’s comforts and needs

Sensory acuity and fine sensory distinction

Aesthetic taste and sense of beauty

Senses are guided by a pure, clear and discerning mind

Equally poised with all external sensations of pain, pleasure and indifference










Central Vital
(Relating to power)

Steady energy to do something

Fun and enjoyment in the process of achieving something

Invincible strength to face, succeed and conquer any situation

Empowering others and sharing power & decision making

Drive to achieve as per clear objectives and standards

Drive to achieve by transcending limits– risk taking and seeking new alternatives

Drive to achieve guided by ideals and values

Invincible inner stillness under any circumstance










Higher Vital
(Relating to emotion)

Stable and calm emotions in relationships

Enjoying all nuances of emotions in relationships

Strength to bear emotional intensity

Compassionate and caring to all

Bringing in impartiality and objectivity in emotional experience

Creating space for newness and emotional differences in relationships

Seeing fundamental pattern beneath all emotional experiences

Connecting to the Sacred that abides within oneself and in all beings










Physical Mind
(Relating to word, data)

Words convey consistent messages

Words are sensory based and pleasant

Words are motivating and propels action

Words are warm, caring, soothing and gentle

Words used are precise, data-based and capture accurate information

Words create and open up new possibilities

Words are reflective and introspective in nature

Words are long-living and carry a  conscious force










Vital Mind
(Relating to image)

Images recreated imprints new possibilities into action

Images are sensorial and vividly rich

Images are compelling and energising

Images evoke desired emotions within

Images are clear and comprehensible in all its details

New and creative images replace the older ones in the thinking process

Seeing the fundamental theme or pattern of all images

Direct seeing of the deeper nature of everything by inner vision










Pure Mind
(Relating to concept)

Concepts reconstructed ingrains desired principles into action

Concept is simple and easily livable

The concept has inherent power and will force

Concepts emerge through co-creation and collective intelligence

Application frameworks and details of concepts are clearly drawn out

New concepts, world-views & meaning making patterns replace old ones

Synthesizing all concepts into a comprehensive & cohesive whole

Mind is calm, purified & silent receiving whole-ideas as intuitions










Understanding the Delight Matrix:

  • Our inner state influences and effects our outer behaviors and actions
  • Our inner state is a function of the condition of the parts of our being – physical, vital, mental and spiritual.
  • These parts of being are further subdivided in the Telos Model (based on the Integral vision and yoga of Sri Aurobindo) as – Physical, Lower Vital, Central Vital, Higher Vital, Physical Mind, Vital Mind, Pure Mind and Spiritual (Deeper and Higher Self).
  • Each part of being has an objective and a subjective side. The objective side is the substance of the part of being. The subjective side is the degree of purification and development of the part of being – the quintessence of which is the presence of delight.
  • The below tabular column shows the substance and delight of each part of being:

Part of Being




Body, habits

Health, Stability

Lower Vital


Comfort, Sensory enjoyment

Central Vital



Higher Vital


Care, Giving

Physical Mind

Word, Data

Precision, Usefulness

Vital Mind


Newness, Fluidity

Pure Mind


Clarity, Synthesis


Mystery to be explored

Silence, Peace, Presence

  • In the delight matrix the substance is represented in the row. The delight is represented in the column.  The Delight Matrix maps the interface of the delight of each part of being with the substance of each part of being. It however prefers to leave the spiritual substance as a mystery to be explored by direct experience. Thus the Delight Matrix is a Ratna-mala, a string of delights present in all parts of our being. It essentially is a 7 x 7 matrix called the ‘Honey Comb’ of 49 delight qualities arising from the interface of substance with the delight of physical, vital and mental parts of being. Additionally when the spiritual nature enters each substance its finer quality is indicated. Each cell of this delight matrix is at its best when its corresponding delight is perfected and its corresponding substance is malleable enough to receive, hold and manifest the gifts of all delights.
  • When each cell of the delight matrix is at its best – then integral change is naturally occurring in a sustained way.
  • The Delight Matrix is based on the Telos model of consciousness.

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