Transforming text to audio

The Nigredo

The first of the phases is dark, dismal, full of confusion and bewilderment – searching the internet for material that is worth listening to.

A variety of alchemical processes are part of this time, including:

the putrefactio – most of what is found on the internet is rotten.

the mortificatio – the original text has to be killed in order to transform it – the old pdf format has to die, for the text to be reborn as a txt file.

the calcinatio, “burning” or the “refiner’s fire” – removing page numbers etc, that are not needed in an audio file. The regexio.

Many texts are pdfs. Best to convert them to text using PDF24

I use Notepad++ for editing a text.

The search and replace facility is very useful.

  1. Remove LF and CR characters.
  2. Replace page numbers with spaces, using a regex search.
  3. Replace multiple spaces with single spaces.
  4. Spellcheck.

Remove the space from my email address and contact me if you want to know more detail: martin@listening