Ancient Wisdom. Derived from Greek roots meaning “divine wisdom,” it is a body of knowledge that tells us about our place in the universe and why the world is the way it is. Although it agrees in many respects with scientific theories, it goes past them in addressing unseen realities that we all experience, but often don’t understand. It answers many questions that people have, such as:

• Why am I here?
• What is the purpose of the universe?
• Is there a God?
• Why does there seem to be evil and injustice in the world?
• How can I have a purposeful and meaningful life?


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Anand GholapMany Theosophical texts in searchable html
Blavatsky ArchivesMany Blavatsky & Theosophy books, available free in pdf
Blavatsky Theosophy
Campbell Theosophical Research LibraryLinks to Theosophical Texts Online
Living Theosophical YouTube ChannelLiving Theosophical YouTube Channel
The Secret Doctrinelink
Theoscience.orgResearches Relevant to Theosophy
Theosophical audio archivearchive.orgTheosophical audio archive
Theosophical Society AdyarInternational headquaters
Theosophical Society in AmericaLectures available as free mp3sTheosophical Society in America
Theosophical Society in AmericaAudio files of Theosophical textslink
Theosophical Society in EnglandTheosophical Society in England
Theosophical Society mp3 lecturesclick
Theosophical Society UK YouTube ChannelTheosophical Society UK YouTube Channel
Theosophical Society YouTube playlistsTheosophical Society
Theosophy ForwardAn independent on-line magazine
Theosophy Wikilink
Theosophy WorldOld texts as scanned ebooks
Universal TheosophySome Key Theosophical Texts online as htmllink