The two hemispheres do conceive time differently. And effectively what you find is an easiest way to see what happens is when people have some sort of deficit in their right hemisphere. Is that what happens is they actually describe time being broken down into a series of stills, so that actually motion and flow. Which are at the root of life, and indeed at the root of existence, get transformed into a sort of digitised. Condition whereby 1. Absolutely. Static snapshot is replaced with another absolutely static snapshot. It’s rather like an old silly film that’s got stuck and is juddering very slowly. So what what you see is that they’ve lost the capacity to see the depth of time. By depth. I mean the extent of it. The stretch of it, the flow of it, the duration of it, what the French philosopher Betson called Duray as opposed to what he called Tor, which was Punk’d. Time and instant and instant and instant like that and we’ve we’ve lost that sense as we when you have right hemisphere damage, a similar phenomenon happens in space as happens in time it becomes flattened. So it becomes 2 dimensional. So people sometimes describe this rather unpleasant experience that is like they’re confronted by a flat screen, and they they want to reach up to the corner of reality as they see it and tear it down to find the sheep that’s behind it. So in other words, what happens? When the right hemisphere is not properly in charge and not properly working. Is that the depth of the time and the depth of space are replaced by a flattening of space into 2 dimensions and the loss of the flow dimension of time just to 1 dimension of a point