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A font of knowledge?

YouTube provides a tube well for connecting you to the underground reservoir of words. 

Some boring, but you may get a refreshing flow of ideas to quench your thirst (Trishna).

Or, you may be inundated with a flood of new age sewage.

That is why we need viveka

A series of good talks on this subject is available here: Janani Cleary – The Essence of the Advaita Vedanta Tradition- Exploring the Crest-Jewel of Discrimination


One of the advantages of listening to the audio extract of the video is that you can make a judgement within the first few minutes about whether the speaker is telling you anything significant.  If not, it may be that what they are saying just doesn’t resonate with you, and you haven’t wasted any time because you were gardening whilst listening.


Write some text and search for recent videos longer than 20 minutes: