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This was written by my grandfather, just before he died:

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His goodness never fails

From out of the mist of half dreams, half thoughts, half impressions, and distorted fancies
which shroud a period of weakness, has come in wonderful contrast, such a new sense of
the Love of the Father, so vivid, so unmistakable that I want to testify to the experience.
Human beings cannot comprehend the infinite. They can measure only by so many times
their own standard. But here is an Infinite Love.
We feel estranged from this Love by the consciousness of Guilt. The stoppage is ours. His
love showers down upon us, even when we are wounding Him afresh.
Some conception of the wonder of the Love of God is learnt by all men and women in their
time, and the Bible and Literature generally swell with attempts to pass on for Humanity,
senses of this wonder granted to the lives of Saints and Sinners through the ages.
The greatest remains and must ever remain unexpressed.
Words cannot tell all that this Love means in Human Experience.
Human Experience, being finite, is bounded on every side by the stretches of the infinite.
“Ho ! everyone that thirsteth
Come ye to the waters ! And he that hath no money Come ye buy and eat Without money
and without price.”


Cottage Hospital, Ashford, Kent
June 12th, 1920