Vesica Piscis


The Monad, Spirit, or Cosmic Consciousness, is Infinity. It is infinite in its potential, yet it lays waiting, unpotentiated.

It first expands equally in all directions to create a sphere (circle) around itself.

circle lr

Then the circle or sphere casts its own shadow, a reflection of itself.

vesica dyad

This is the first movement of Creation.

Just as a new cell in our body is formed by one cell dividing from within itself rather than two cells coming together, this is how the Dyad is formed from Unity – the Monad.

The overlapping space is the vesica piscis.

vesica piscis grey lr

As Unity is represented by the circle, Polarity or the Dyad, is represented by the Vesica Piscis.

The Vesica Piscis is the harmonizing, balancing, mediating force between the two.


It is the birth portal from consciousness to physical reality and it is the doorway from the physical reality back into the metaphysical reality.