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I listen to downloaded files on my Android phone, using these apps:

Simple Audiobook Player   Clear, easy to use, controls.

Podcast Addict. As well as providing externally sourced podcasts, the mp3s on my phone can be treated as virtual podcasts.

The app keeps a record of what I have listened to, and where I left off last time I was listening, and which mp3s have been played to the end.

mAbook also allows me to return to the place I got to when I was last listening, and is easier to use.

You can listen to the mp3s using the audio player on this site, but it may take a minute or two to load.

I am putting new audio on OneDrive, and you can listen directly from there.

A rule of thumb: a 60MB file takes 1 hour to listen to.

Excerpt from a book by Joachim Ernst Berendt.

The world is sound, Nada Brahma music and the landscape of consciousness

Wherever God revealed Himself to human beings, He was heard. He may have appeared as a light, but in order to be understood, His voice had to be heard. “And God spoke” is a standard sentence in all holy scriptures. The ears are the gateway. On the other hand: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.” No image for the eyes. Many religions make such a demand, Judaism and Islam in par ticular.
My eyes are looking at this sheet of paper I am writing on. They are incapable of penetrating the paper even for a tenth of an inch. The field of the visible is the surface. Our eyes scan surfaces. Our ears, however, immerse themselves deeply into the spheres they investigate by hearing. The “ear person” thus has better chances of penetrating his object’s depth than the “eye person.” Whatever has been said in recent years about the New Consciousness is correct and relevant, but one point has always been overlooked: The New Man will be Listening Man – or will never be at all. He will be able to perceive sounds in a way we cannot even imagine today. These are the sounds discussed in Nada Brahma. These sounds are Nada Brahma. To be sure, listeners and readers have rightfully pointed out to me that we will also have to learn to see correctly again. But we already suffer from an overemphasis on the sense of seeing, and in the Western world there is an admirable tradition and culture of the eye, of seeing, and of light, dating back to the Renaissance and, further back, to ancient Greece. There is nothing comparable in our world in reference to the ear and to hearing.
A deeper change in consciousness (and I think it is uncontested that we do need a different kind of awareness, a new perception of the world) will be reached when we have learned to use our sense of hearing fully; just as we have been using our eyes and our sense of seeing for centuries. Once we have learned to hear again, we will be able to correct our ocular hypertrophy.