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If you have ears, pay attention! – Matthew 13:9 (Contemporary English Version)

This is a resource that will help you reconnect to your Source. 

Help yourself to these files and help your Self-enquiry.

Find fresh ideas in the Listening Well and refresh yourself with a stimulating flow of wisdom.

Listen well to people who have explored ways of being in the world – find your own Way.

Feeling listless? Listen to the audio files I have listed.

Let your understanding grow by standing under the shower of blessings coming from my cloud file store.

Make explicit what is implicit by unfolding knowledge of the implicate order enfolded in my folders.

Respiration and inspiration – listen while walking or jogging.

Sitting is bad for you – listening to the audio whilst moving is better than watching a video in a chair.


The good words of our teachers are a benediction.

(Classical Latin: bene dicere “to speak well of, bless,” from bene “well” + dicere “to say, speak”)

Ora, audio, et labora – pray, listen, and work.


Download some mp3s and listen while you

wait   , exercise  ,  garden , take a break , settle down to sleep


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