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Some of these videos may help to dispel avidya.


I have downloaded the audio from some of them, using DVDVideoSoft.  They have a Free YouTube to MP3 Converter, which downloads the audio files from single videos, playlists, or entire channels.  The transcripts can be downloaded too, if they are available.

Extracting audio and transcripts can also be done with youtube-dl

Transcripts are in .srt format when downloaded, so I convert them to .txt files using subtitletools.com

OneDrive is not very efficient at searching for text within .txt files, so I convert the text files to .docx (Microsoft Word) format using multidoc-converter

Transcripts can also be downloaded using Youtube Subtitle Download Helper, an attachment to Chrome.



Most of the downloaded mp3 files are stored on my OneDrive

Go to my page Tube well listening for a search box.


Follow the links in the spreadsheet below to go directly to YouTube channels.

The last column is a link to a YouTube search for channels which might have the same name, or be related.