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Meanwhile, Deep Inside Your Belly Button … - ABC News

Matthew Fox explains that our belly button is a reminder to us of our connection to our mothers.

Interview with Richard Smoley


Does this matter?

The Latin word for “mother,” mater, is this word’s distant ancestor.

Mater was shaped into materia, meaning “physical substance” or “matter.” Materia eventually developed into matter.

Why did mother lead to matter? The connection is uncertain, but perhaps it’s because matter is the substance from which something is made; and it is mother from which we all are made.

We grow within the matrix of all our physical, social, mental, spiritual connections. 

matrix (n.)
late 14c., matris, matrice, “uterus, womb,” from Old French matrice “womb, uterus” and directly from Latin mātrix (genitive mātricis) “pregnant animal,” in Late Latin “womb,” also “source, origin,” from māter (genitive mātris) “mother”.

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