Integral Transformation

Source – Sounds True   Audio files on my OneDrive   Integral Transformation, Part One|Tami Simon: You’re listening to “Insights at the Edge.” Today I speak with Ken Wilber in the first of a two-part series. Whenever I speak with Ken, it seems that our conversation goes on and on in an engaging and illuminating […]

AQAL – Ken Wilber

All Quadrants All Lines – Ken Wilber The quadrants represent the innate perspectives found in all individual sentient holons (whole/parts), and extend “all the way up and down,”-from physical (atoms) to biological (cells) to psychological (minds) to psychic (souls) to spiritual (causal) holons. As Wilber assimilated the “linguistic turn” of postmodern philosophy, he realized that […]

Wilber – AQAL

Ken Wilber’s framework of 4 quadrants provides a rationale for the exploration of the relationship between the individual and the Universe. Each individual (holon) views it’s inner, subjective, world, it’s outer, objective world. For both of these views there are phenomena or structures that apply only to the holons in relationship to each other. […]