Diabolical division

The most common English synonym for “Satan” is “devil”, which descends from Middle English devel, from Old English dēofol, that in turn represents an early Germanic borrowing of Latin diabolus (also the source of “diabolical”). This in turn was borrowed from Greek diabolos “slanderer”, from diaballein “to slander”: dia- “across, through” + ballein “to hurl”. […]

Parabolic reconnection

The two circles are reconnected by parabolas.  The direct connection by means of the straight line of linear thought is not as effective as the curved parabolas. parable (n.)“allegorical or metaphorical narrative, usually having a moral for instruction,” late 13c., parabol, modern form from early 14c., “saying or story in which something is expressed in […]

Vesica Piscis and the Trinity

God, or the One of the Universe (Unus mundi, in Latin) or the divinity, is represented as a circle. A second circle forms, representing Duality. The soul temporarily separates from the One (Unity) to know herself. There is a spiritual journey of the soul from Unity to Duality and then back to Unity. The two […]

Sacred Geometry Transcendentals: the Transformative Principles

Sacred Geometry Transcendentals: the Transformative Principles Sacred Geometry derives from the primal act of the Division of Unity ∆ represent the transformative principles.   Division of Unity: Pi/∏ From undifferentiated Unity (circle) creation occurs through an internal division of unity, the primal act, since there is nothing outside, God creates within itself, the finite reality […]

Vesica Piscis – Bruce Lyons

The Vase of Life: Vesica Piscis and 2:1 Bruce Lyons has a clear description of the links between these geometrical forms, and human forms. “The 2:1 is the ultimate mediator between inner and outer; small and large; top/bottom; back/front, above/below. It’s like a generator. From it all sorts of functional geometrical forms are being constructed. […]

Vesica Piscis – Dyad

Vesica Piscis   The Monad, Spirit, or Cosmic Consciousness, is Infinity. It is infinite in its potential, yet it lays waiting, unpotentiated. It first expands equally in all directions to create a sphere (circle) around itself. Then the circle or sphere casts its own shadow, a reflection of itself. This is the first movement of […]

Canvas in div

Shapes appear in our lives everywhere we look. They literally shape our reality into a three-dimensional space and have a lot more influence over our lives that we even realize. Circles are one of these shapes that can be seen in all parts of life.  So what is the deeper symbolism of a circle, and […]

Geometric symbols

Sacred Geometry https://www.eternalsymbols.com/sacred-geometry/ In a pre-literate world the oldest evidence of the Great Knowledge or Inner Teachings is expressed by means of geometry that has always been regarded as Sacred Geometry as it represented the Divine Law of physical manifestation.  By using Sacred Geometry our ancestors depicted the creation or make-up of our universe by […]