Wheels role

We’ll roll around the wheel, acting our roles   The basic character of Samsara is, that it consists of things that appear and disappear, but the basic character of Nirvana always IS (being the state of absolute existence and absolute consciousness, into which the Ego of a man merges after reaching the highest degree of […]


Wells have often been considered holy or sacred. A well is a good metaphor for the divine source of all life. It provides an apparently inexhaustible supply of life-giving water. Water mysteriously wells up from the ground, just as life mysteriously emerges from the ground of our being. Water pervades the whole biosphere, physically uniting […]

Illusion – writing the play

illusion (n.)mid-14c., “mockery, scorning, derision;” late 14c., “act of deception; deceptive appearance, apparition; delusion of the mind,” from Old French illusion “a mocking, deceit, deception” (12c.), from Latin illusionem (nominative illusio) “a mocking, jesting, jeering; irony,” from past-participle stem of illudere “mock at,” literally “to play with,” from assimilated form of in- “at, upon” (from […]


He who binds to himself a joyDoes the winged life destroyHe who kisses the joy as it fliesLives in eternity’s sunrise Eternity – William Blake   Related pages:

Knot the same

Awareness Of Oneself – Alan Watts audio “suppose we have a rope, and the one section of this rope is made of manila hemp, the next section is cotton, the next section is silk, the next section is nylon, and so on. now we tie a knot in this rope just an ordinary one over […]

Minute Particulars

The Religion of William BlakeBy John Middleton Murry   With William Blake, we must take a plunge: the quicker the better. So I take the plunge from his four most famous lines. They have for their title — and their title is important — “Auguries of Innocence.” To see a World in a grain of […]