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We’ll roll around the wheel, acting our roles


The basic character of Samsara is, that it consists of things that appear and disappear, but the basic character of Nirvana always IS (being the state of absolute existence and absolute consciousness, into which the Ego of a man merges after reaching the highest degree of perfection and holiness during life), Nirvana does not appear and disappear, for it does not exist in space and time. For this reason it was symbolized by the point in the centre of the wheel around which all things turn, but which itself is stable.

Wheel Law Wheel Life Symbol Buddhism Stock Photo 153851540 | Shutterstock

The perfected human can be visualised as standing with feet on the circumference of the wheel, and head at the central point.

Athough the human is connected with Samsara – with all the forces running through him – he can also walk on the eightfold noble Path of Truth (symbolized by the eight spokes), and then all the positive and creative forces in life which are in harmony with the Dharma (or the Cosmic Law) flow through him.

When the point in the centre of man’s forehead coincides with the central point in the Wheel of Life, then there is no more running around chased by Tanha, the thirst for physical life.

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