Theosophy – Emily Sellon

SOME FUNDAMENTALS OF THEOSOPHYBy Emily Sellon1. The source and cause of all manifest being is one absolute unknown andunknowable reality: ultimate, ever-present, boundless and eternal, beyond bothbeing and nonbeing.2. The universe or world of being is a reflection of this timeless onenessexpressing itself under two guises: as subject, unconditioned consciousness orspirit; and as object, root-substance […]

Theosophical websites

Ancient Wisdom. Derived from Greek roots meaning “divine wisdom,” it is a body of knowledge that tells us about our place in the universe and why the world is the way it is. Although it agrees in many respects with scientific theories, it goes past them in addressing unseen realities that we all experience, but […]

Cross – Leadbeater

C W Leadbeater – The Cross Symbol … first of all there is the plain white circle which is understood to typify the Absolute; in that appears the central spot, the sign that the First Logos has entered upon a cycle of activity; the spot broadens into a line dividing the circle into two parts, […]

Theosophical Arc Hive

Many Theosophical Society talks have been uploaded to Arc Hive is a better name – alive with buzzing bees storing their honey for the benefit of future generations. Hundreds of hours of good wisdom. Many of these talks are worth listening to – it is, after all, the perennial philosophy, so talks given years ago […]